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A look at what to wear while riding

What to wear?

Full on leather chaps over my jeans?

Armored Kevlar bodysuit?

Shorts and flip-flops?

Jeans and an armored motorcycle jacket are what usually do the trick for me.  Not those paper thin fashion jeans either but thicker jeans that make me at least feel a little protected.  Yeah it’s not quite the same level of protection as the other (first two lol) options but it’s better than what I’ve seen a lot of riders wearing.

The thing is I want a little bit more but I want something that I’ll wear all the time.  I already have chaps and an Iron Man riding suit – they get used once or twice a year and go back into the closet to wait another year.  For me the solution is motorcycle specific jeans with some sort of abrasion resistance in them, in this case Sliders 4.0 jeans from Competition Accessories.

The jeans are just a part of their Sliders collection of affordably priced gear and for a little more than a pair of name brand jeans – $79.99 in this case – you get a pair of jeans with Kevlar abrasion protection in key areas.  This being their fourth version the pants were extremely comfortable and I’ve been wearing them just about every time I ride, other than work.  They also have armored Khakis, which are very interesting to me to wear into the office.

Back to the jeans…  What I really like about them is that they look pretty much like regular jeans.  Could they be a cooler shade of blue, more like fashion jeans than work ones?  Sure I guess, but they aren’t that bright blue jeans of my childhood so I don’t mind the look at all.  The most important thing to me is that in addition to providing good protection at an affordable price they are comfortable, and other jeans I’ve tried – such as early offerings from Icon – were bulky and stiff, particularly in the armored areas.

They run a little big – and I’ve put on like ten pounds in the last six month – so I would try going maybe one size down from your normal.  Talk to their excellent customer service team though; they’ll be able to steer you right.

In the end any protection is better than none, so if some armored jeans help you out on a slide then they’ve earned their pay.  Good luck with your choice and ride safe.

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2 Responses to A look at what to wear while riding

  1. Alex says:

    Are they much warmer than regular jeans? Heat is a major concern of mine. If I’m going to be hot anyway, am I better off with more protection?

    Keep up the good work.

    • admin says:

      Actually they aren’t much warmer at all – they felt pretty much like regular jeans except where the armor was in the shins, which admittedly was a little stiff. I’m hoping that changes with a few washes though.

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