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Quick ride and a long stop

I had a real blast last Wednesday night. My friend Jon and I took our bikes out to Findley Lake with a couple of stops along the way.  I know Findley Lake isn’t too far fromErie, but I really needed to just get out end enjoy myself a bit – and we did just that.

Jon rode over to my house – he was actually on-time for once which screwed everything up lol – on his almost pristine 2002 BMW R1150R.  We BSed a bit and then jumped up to 90 and points East.  I was leading the way and just about fifteen minutes into the ride I figured we needed a pit-stop.  We jumped off at State Street and made our way to one of Erie’s best kept secrets – Lucky Louies

If you don’t know Lucky Louie’s then you should – this place has 28 (or more) different types of hot dogs ranging from traditional Chicago dogs to chili dogs to my favorite the Asian Invasion – a dog with cabbage, a sweet chili sauce, crunchy noodles and some Wasabi sauce…  I was originally turned on to this place when I read it in Andrew Kochirka’s blog, Chew on it:  Beard vs. Food.  We each had one of those and a bottle of cherries and cream pop to wash em down.  If we’d been planning on staying a while, maybe with a designated driver instead of two motorcycles, we would have definitely taken advantage of the incredible beer selection they have.  You see Lucky Louie’s also happens to be a specialty beer shop, with a huge supply of different beer available to go along with your dogs.

We wolfed them down and got back on the bikes and rode out to the Pine Junction  Tavern on the Pines in Findlay Lake. My boss turned me on to this place a while ago and I love it.  Food is great, service is great and the atmosphere is awesome.  We each had a huge, delicious burgers – his had deep friend jalapenos and a take on thousand island and I went for the classic lettuce, tomato, onion and cheddar.  Awesome – fries were very good too.  What I like best about this place though is the set-up.  There are tons of outside tables perfect to enjoy the beautiful weather we’ve been having.  They’ve got a bunch of different outside seating options and tons of space to walk around and just chill.  I could have stayed for hours, enjoying an ice cold drink especially if it had been a weekend when I could have enjoyed some live entertainment but alas that was to wait for another time.

Going home we took a more scenic route than 90, taking 430 and enjoying some nice roads and scenic terrain.  We only spent about 4 hours out but it was the little mini vacation that I needed.

Have fun and ride safe,


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3 Responses to Quick ride and a long stop

  1. Heather says:

    My husband showed me the blog and asked which I would rather go to this weekend. What one would you recommend for a couple with a day off from the kids? Also, about what were the costs?


    • admin says:

      Well Lucky Louie’s is great, but it’s local and cheap and I’d bring the kids – you won’t be there for more than 45 minutes anyway. If you really want a getaway I would definitely go to Pine Junction – I could have spent all night there. Prices range from under $10 for burgers and sandwiches to in the twenties for the steaks.

  2. Jon says:

    I would definitely agree Pine Junction – Tavern in the Pines as the way to go for couples, but you could also take kids as well. Prices are reasonable and the atmosphere is great! Perfect for the beautiful weather we are current having…

    Great looking bikes in the photo, I am partial to the 2002 BMW R1150R though…lol

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