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Bike pushers…

My wife and friends think I’m nuts…

I got rid of my Fat Bob a few weeks ago.  Nothing wrong with it at all – in fact it really was terrific, especially given that I’d really individualized it so perfectly.  But ever since riding that 2012 Thunderbird Storm out to Cedar Point every little thing that bugged me about the Harley just became gigantic.  Plus there was that payment – I needed to figure something out so I could get a bike I loved but lose that monthly bill.  That’s why I went looking at the 2001 Speed Triple at Triumph of Erie.  I loved it, but the color wasn’t me and I really like the look of the newer ones.  Unfortunately they didn’t have any used ones, and at the time I didn’t think I could swing a new one so I picked up a sweet 2009 Speed Triple privately.  I have to say a lot of dealers would have been snarky about buying a bike from someone else but these guys made sure I knew that they appreciated me going with a Triumph, and that they would be happy to service it and help me get the parts I needed, etc.

That’s all well and good but here’s where the problem started:

A coupe of day later I noticed a weird noise coming from my bike.  I bring it down and Gary rides it, asks me about the chain and stuff.  On the weekend I clean it up, and the sounds is really minimized.  All good so far, right?

Well kind of, hehe.  Rich (The Boss) suggest I take out their brand new gorgeous Speed Triple R so I can hear if it makes the same noises.  What do I know?  I say “Sure!” like an idiot and take it up the road.

Holy S#$%!!!

First off it’s super comfortable.  Fits me better even than mine, and has more power to boot.  Handles great, stops amazing and looks killer – although I do prefer the old school round eyes on the previous gen Speedies.  And it makes the same noises, only not the chain one that went away.

I thank them, go on my way and ever since I just can’t stop thinking about it.  It’s like some sort of nightmare version of those mid 80′s Honda commercials.

Next time I’m in I asked Gary to give me a price on trading mine in and it’s sooo close I can feel it.  This would be the shortest I’ve ever owned a bike you know, but I keep telling myself it doesn’t count since it’s sort of like a do-over.

I’m going to review the bike in a few weeks, but that will just make things worse.  For now I’m shaking out all my piggy banks and avoiding any eye contact with my wife.

Wish me luck!


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3 Responses to Bike pushers…

  1. Brad says:

    I know that feeling! Did anyone ever tell you what the noise actually was? If something was off on the 2009 maybe fixing it would help you forget the siren-song of the new bike!

    • admin says:

      It just seems to be one of those noises I’m supposed to live with… At this point I’ll be happy keeping mine or getting the new one. But this either way this will be the last bike for a loooong time. Really!

  2. Jack says:

    I just don’t know what to say… keep us posted!

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