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I did it…

I bought that 2012 Triumph Speed Triple…  

I tried to fight it but it just fit sooo much better than the 2009 and I just have to admit that they knew exactly what buttons to push to push to get me to buy.  No salesmanship, no hot girls telling me how handsome I look on the bike just a simple toss of the keys and a cya later.  Between Rich exposing me to the huge improvements of the new Speed Triple and Gary giving me a truly fair offer on my trade and a great price on the new one I was able to work things out.

Anyway I’m picking it up tonight for real ( I had it for about 12 miles last weekend) and I took advantage of the Triumph accessory program where I get a $500 credit to use on parts or gear.  I had them install some slick bar-end mirrors, a tank pad and a fly screen – just cuz it’s cute.  A fly screen is a tiny little wind visor if you’re wondering.  There’s a bunch more I have circled in the catalog in case anyone who likes me is reading this.

I also saved $350 by taking advantage of Triumph’s Thank-a-Hero program – for veterans and active duty military.

I’ll post up some photos later but take my word for it it’s pretty sick.  My normal MO on buying a bike would have been to go to every shop in town and ride everything that came to mind till I found something that clicked.  I guess I still did that – I just found it on the first shot.

I’ll share my thoughts on the bike at a later time – right now I have to run over to Triumph of Erie/Precision Bikeworks and pick up my new ride.

Thanks and ride safe,


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5 Responses to I did it…

  1. Fred says:

    Congrats on the new bike! Can’t wait for a pic and tales of your first long ride.

    • admin says:

      Here’s the pic – unfortunately the first long ride is going to be a while, as I’m strictly following the break-in. It’s not that that prevents you from a long ride, but the limited RPM’s you’re supposed to keep to make it challenging, especially with this bike that just begs you to punch it.

  2. Bill says:

    Hey Rob, It’s Bill, The guy you bought the 2009 speedie from. Congrats on your new acquisition. The guys over at Precision Bike Works were great, and I came pretty close to doing the same thing you did.
    They gave me a pretty workable deal, but it would have still been a pretty big price difference between the two. I chose to stick with my 2011.
    Anyway, hope my old girl ends up at good home, I miss her terribly.
    Ride safe and enjoy that new bike!

    P.S. Been reading through some of you reviews and stuff on here and I really enjoyed them. Great job, especially your 2012 Storm review. Spot on! Cheers!

    • admin says:

      Hey Bill – thanks again for a great deal. Honestly if I hadn’t ridden that 2012 I would have been happy for a long time. I’d already bought a couple of upgrades for it but I’m sure I’ll find a home for them. See for me the upgrade brought a ton of new thing, it being a full redesign and all. For you I think you totally did the right thing sticking with your Storm – the only major difference would have been ABS and while that’s a great upgrade I’m not sure if it’s worth a huge loss. I hope not, lol, since my Speedie doesnt have it. I’d wait until the next big Thunderbird upgrade and maybe pull the trigger then. Thanks for the kind word – let me know your thoughts on other posts too when you can.

  3. Jack says:

    I knew you were going to buy this bike! And I cannot blame you one bit! I am glad you got the bike you really wanted too. It always helps when the deal is really fair too. The bike looks incredible and I think you will have it longer than any other…one can be optimistic. I think this bike has all the qualities that you are looking for too. Please no wheelies in each gear, once you get through the break in period. Ride safe and enjoy the new bike!

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