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Something borrowed, something blue…

Yes, it is kind of a wedding – buying a new bike that is.  A new bike is like a new walk down the aisle; you have to work at your relationship, make sure to treat the bike well, etc.  I’m sure we could insert a few jokes, cliches, etc but let’s get to the issue at hand.  I am looking into purchasing a bike with a more sporting feel to it – and since my two biggest regrets  in motorcycling are the sale of my Moto Guzzi Griso and the sale of my Triumph Speed Triple I figured I should try to choose one of those instead of trying something new.  Right off the bat I was  looking for something relatively new – I found a Griso set up almost EXACTLY like the one that I sold.  Then I came across a very cool matte black Speedie that was bone stock – very good when buying a bike that is known for being ridden hard.  While trying to decide between the two I remembered that the local Triumph shop, Precision Bikeworks/Triumph of Erie has a 2001 Speed Triple with very low mileage.  I called up and talked to the sales manager, Gary, about it and asked if I could take it for an extended spin – to see if I could spend less than half of my target and get what I wanted.  Gary agreed – but only after they put brand new tires on it – and I picked it up after work.  The color is a neon blue – it really stands out but it might just be too cool for me, lol.  What is perfect though is that motor.  Different than the 1050 in several ways it still has the same wow factor.  With as good a torque curve as there is in motorcycling this eleven year old bike brought a smile to my face the entire time I rode it.  It handled exceptionally well, accelerated briskly and was in overall excellent condition.  Now I sit here trying to decide between this bike at an extremely attractive price or one of those newer ones.  Honestly if it was black I would pull the trigger right away – I’m a black bike kind of guy.  This blue looks really, really good but I don’t know if I’m ready for flashy.  Problem is if I don’t pick it up soon someone else will.




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4 Responses to Something borrowed, something blue…

  1. Jack says:

    Difficult decision you have to make! I have seen a few Speed Triples around, a white one that looked awesome, though I don’t like white on a bike personally! The blue on this particular Speed Triple is just too much of a statement IMHO! Go for the matte black finish!

    • admin says:

      I actually picked up a gloss black one this weekend. I should have gotten the matte one but i hesitated too long trying to find something I would like as much for less money. In the end that never works out lol – I’ve already got a slew of upgrades planned out for this bike over the coming months.

  2. Alex says:

    Besides the lower resale value (which is actually helping you in this case), what is the problem with an 11 year-old bike? I’m new to the scene, so I am sure there is a lot more to it than resale…

    Good luck!

    • admin says:

      Any time you buy an older bike you need to make sure that it’s in good, safe riding condition. This is a huge reason why it’s beneficial to buy an older bike at a dealer, or at the very least have it checked out there. This bike’s tires were originally pretty chewed up. The sales manager wouldn’t even let me ride it till they had put on new tires. It also had an open recall, which the dealer knew about and was rectifying as well.
      You’re spot on about the resale not hurting me, since I’d be getting it for less a well. Also, once a bike gets to this age the resale value kind of plateaus a bit. With proper care I bet I could ride this bike for two years and get back at least what I paid for it.

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