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2012 Speed Triple

Wow, I’m just so excited about this bike – it’s why I have written about it I”ve been busy riding it and getting through the brutal break-in period.  Triumph conveniently tells you (right on the tank) what revs to limit the bike to at different mileage.  So for the first 50 miles you limit it to this RPM, the next 50 miles to that.  Right now I’m at 300 miles so I can FINALLY get to 6,000 RPM – which is still sooo frustrating, hehe.  This being my first new bike in many years though I plan on breaking it in properly so that I can keep it for many more.  The 5,000 RPM limit kept it just a hair under 80 – I can’t wait to see how much speed the extra 1,000 RPM will give me, hehe.

So far I’ve added the aforementioned bar-end mirrors and fly screen – and last week Stephanie from Triumph of Erie called to let me know my tailbag was in.  This tailbag is really cool as it simply sits on the passenger portion of the bike and is easily removable.  What I like best about it is that it’s not really that noticeable, and if I do want to hold it instead I can take it off in a flash, even use it as a backpack.

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One Response to 2012 Speed Triple

  1. Jack says:

    Sharp! Best of luck and let us know what’s she’s like when you can really open it up!

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