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Riding boots – Sidi Way Rain

I’ve had these boots for a little bit now – you might remember I used them on my ride back from Philly last fall when I
picked up my Yamaha Stratoliner S (a bike I’ll own again one day).  They were great, but one ride on the Turnpike wasn’t nearly enough to get a good idea as to their benefits.  Now that I’ve had a lot more time to evaluate them I can tell you that my first impression was actually rather conservative – these are terrific boots.  Extremely affordable at only $200 they offer features found on much more expensive boots, and fit and finish that is better than many more expensive boots.  What I really like about the boots is their water resistance and their level of protection in case of a fall.  The tread is great too, although I do strongly prefer a boot with a lug sole like normal non-riding boots tend to have.  That’s a personal preference though – these soles really do the trick and are long lasting to boot.

The only sad thing is that these boots are now discontinued, but I’ve tried on several of their other boots and they all seem to have the same terrific features that these do.  The ones that I would choose that seem to be most comparable to these are the Sidi Traffic Rain.  A little smaller and with that lug sole that I like.  You can get them at Motonation - they happen to be a great source for all sorts of cool, rather unique gear; Vemar helmets, AGV Sport jackets and race suits and more.

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