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Now’s the time to go bike shopping – here’s why…

Hello everyone – hope you are enjoying the weather.

I’ve mentioned before that winter is a great time to buy a motorcycle and I’m sticking to my previous statement – especially if you don’t have to trade one in or sell one to benefit.

You can get a terrific deal at all of the local dealers on leftover new bikes, whether it’s a 2012 Road King at Harley Davidson of Erie or a Speed Triple (Great Bike!!!) at Triumph of Erie – or a killer new Victory Judge over at Off-Road Express.  I just checked with “Robo” at Offroad and he said they have a red one and that’s it, and that they will make a deal on it.  He’s a good salesperson who will work hard to win your business and keep you satisfied after the sale too.  These leftovers come with full warranties and typically excellent savings.  If you find a leftover 2011 or older – and if you work hard and are flexible I’m sure you will – you can really get a sweet deal on brand new bike.

Used bikes are great winter buys as well – whether at the dealer or privately.  I would check out the GoErie motorcycle section, although in the winter they run a little thin naturally.  I would also really check out for a huge variety of privately owned bikes, although most aren’t local so what I would really do is use the pricing you find on sites like it to keep the dealers straight.  They probably can’t go as low as some guy in Kentucky but you also don’t have to drive 8 hours and have a local relationship to help you with issues and upgrades.  Trust me I’ve learned the hard way that a good local relationship is better than saving a few hundred bucks and having to start from scratch.

My picks:

Offroad has a very interesting 2011 V-Strom 650 ABS and a 2012 Victory High-Ball that I bet you could get a great deal on considering some other guy already took the depreciation.  Don’t forget to ask for Robo.

Triumph of Erie has my old 2009 Speed Triple that I personally loved, as well as an insane 2010 Thunderbird that I just can not believe is still on their website.  This thing is a monster and would make a Harley CVO costing three times the amount have to sit back and enjoy its taillights.  They also have a 2007 Scrambler that I’m fighting the urge not to call Gary Hammer about – you never find those and they have it listed for $5,395.

Harley of Erie has a 2010 Wide Glide with 820 miles – wow is that special – I would ask for Denny over there.  He’s one of those guys that will always greet you by name and takes the time to get to know his customers.

Finally Forest Park Honda has one of the best used bikes in town, a 2012 Triumph Tiger Explorer.  I spoke to Carl and he told me about the special exhaust, rear case and other items that are on the bike.  What I like is the super low mileage (3000ish) and the fact that their STARTING price is thousands less than the $15,699 base price if you were to buy it new.  Add in the extras and you’re easily over $17K – Carl’s asking only $13,995 and given the time of year I’d try to negotiate that a bit but even so you have a fair price.

There are more dealers in the area to look for and more outlets as well, but these are my picks for the season – I’d be glad to own any of these.

Ride safe!

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One Response to Now’s the time to go bike shopping – here’s why…

  1. John says:

    I love the fact that Forest Park has a used Explorer – I wonder what it was traded in for though. It’s a sick bike; I hope someone didn’t swap it out for a Shadow

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