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Is your head a $7 head or a $700 one?


Schuberth C3 Modular Helmet  

I’ve been thinking about this write-up for a long time now, not quite sure how to put my feelings into words that won’t sound too over-the-top.  It’s hard, you know.  You could read all the real serious reviews of  this helmet on the internet and get a little bit of understanding.  You could look at the big shoot-outs in different magazines and get a little more.  But to be brutally honest what you really need to do with this helmet is pick it up and wear it.  Since no one in Erie stocks it though I’ll tell you a little bit of what I can…

It started with Sarah Schilke, Schuberth’s North American Marketing and PR Manager.  She called me at my home, and we Skyped over my iPad.  That alone was super cool AND my first time, although I didn’t admit that to Sarah, lol.  For well over an hour she told me all about what makes Schuberth so special, from their building techniques to their quality control to their incredible customer service.  I felt really special, until I learned that the people at Schuberth do this for all of their customers if they need it.  Okay, maybe not to the same level but still.

At $699 the Schuberth C3 isn’t cheap.  But the level of comfort on it is incredible.  It is by far the most comfortable helmet I’ve ever worn, and their very clever retention system, that creates a sort of curtain around your neck, inspires confidence that should you fall your lid isn’t going anywhere.  It also has a built-in sun visor that works perfectly, and offers excellent visibility overall.

It’s also extremely quiet – quieter than my previous favorite full-face Bell Star and quieter than my buddy’s Arai.  According to some of the reviews I’ve read it’s one of the quietest helmets around, which is great considering you can also get it with an integrated communication system that fits in with the retention collar.  With this installed you barely notice the added weight, but you get a top-notch comm that works with the award winning Cardo Scala system.

Fit and finish of this helmet blew me out of the water too, along with the very light weight, especially for a modular.

Another area where this helmet distanced itself from the competition was ventilation.  Besides the fact that it would just not fog up (thanks to the pin lock visor) it kept me very cool in some very hot riding.  Frankly it had much better venting than any other modular I’ve worn, by a large degree.

I understand that $699 seems like a ton of money, but if you can swing it (or maybe skip a night out or two) this helmet will reward you.  Schuberth’s excellent warranty and customer service should mean that any problems you might come across will at least be addressed if not resolved the right way.  I’m dying to see their full-face helmets, like the S2 as well as an uber-helmet I keep hearing whispers about.

Schuberth also very thoughtfully makes this helmet in a Ladies’ specific version, the C3W - very smart as women represent so much of the growth in the hobby.

The closest store that you can actually try one of these on is BMW Motorcycles of Cleveland, over in Aurora.  They are only 77 miles away so it’s not too bad.  If your travels take you more often to Pittsburgh they carry them at European Motorcycles of Pittsburgh as well.  I’m hoping that one of the local dealers will start carrying them – we are lucky enough to have Off-Road Express carry Arai now so if someone else steps up and carries these that would be terrific.

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