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Posted: October 14th, 2011

I’ve been putting off reviewing these shoes for a while now. I don’t really have a good reason for it; they kinda just scared me sitting there day after day. I think it’s probably the look; the black and white really stands out way more than I was comfortable with. I never thought they were ugly; I just didn’t think they were for me.

It’s kind of like sneakers: I love them all but I pick out the same kind I always do – basic black, maybe white with navy – something safe and more than a little boring. A few weeks ago I felt enough was enough, so I wore them to the place where one way or another I’d get the biggest reaction – a school play.

Ok, so I didn’t go there just to try on the shoe. One of my kids was in it, the other was there hanging out with his friends and it was a great opportunity to go for a sunset ride. I expected my son’s reaction to be a little mocking – kinda like when I threaten him that I’m going to wear his Abercrombie shirts or something like that — but instead both he and his friend Mike thought that the shoes were very cool.

I thought there was a double cross of some sort going on so I checked with some work friends in their early twenties and they too thought they were awesome. Now this doesn’t mean that I like them any more, but it does tell me that Dainese has it right with the look of these shoes. I can always get them in all black if I want.

So now that we’re past the look – how about the feel and function?

Dainese always makes a quality product and this time there is no exception at all. The shoe is extremely comfortable and offers quite a bit of protection. It’s a chore to put on, but that means it won’t come sliding off in a spill. There are no laces or buckles; instead you slip it on and then tighten it up with a drawstring system. This set-up feels extremely secure and is actually very comfortable.

Walking around was fine, if a bit stiff at first, but I am sure that will go away in time. Most importantly the shoes were very comfortable on the bike.

The Dynos also have quite a lot of protection – they have everything that a full racing boot has, they are just a lot shorter. In addition to a replaceable toe slider it has an armored casing surrounding the rear of the boot, a nylon toe box and shift pads. For the money these offer a significant level of protection, comfort and fashion.

Like other Dainese products, the Dynos are hard to find; I would suggest Cycle Gear in Pittsburgh or maybe

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