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Gloves: Fox Dirtpaw

The Fox Dirtpaw is a very light, short glove.

At $21.95 these gloves are very accessible.  They actually have very nice padding on the palms, and a fair amount of protection up top too.

Nothing like the two gloves we’ve already spoken about, but a lot more than I would have thought.  First off they are primarily aimed at dirtbike riders operating on trails that are free of cars and the general public.  They offer a nice amount of security for that and for basic street riding as well.

I would recommend these gloves to all those riders who don’t wear gloves at all.  They are feather-light, very comfortable and inexpensive.

I’m confident they would be of help were I to have an incident – some glove is better than nothing at all.

These gloves, like the Alpinestars, are also readily available.  This particular pair was found at Crolli, Inc. on Edinboro Road.  Crolli is a great place because the owner, Jeff, will try to locate even hard to find stuff for you – hmm maybe I should ask him about Dainese

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For more information, see the official Foxhead website

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